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Academic Performance
  1. The following statements describe auditory processing and language based concerns that some children may have. Please indicate the behaviors which are considered to be a concern to you.
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  5. Studies many hours for a test but does not get a good grade.
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  6. Has trouble getting started on homework assignments.
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  7. Backpack/locker is disorganized.
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  8. Leaves assignments and studying for tests until the last moment.
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  9. Needs assistance from an adult to stay on task.
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  10. Often forgets homework assignments or school supplies at school.
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  11. Has poor time-management skills.
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  12. Written work seems disorganized and “sloppy.”
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  13. Becomes easily overwhelmed by large assignments.
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  14. Has “test anxiety “ which results poor test performance and the feeling of “going blank” during test or test-like situations.
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NeuroDevelopmental Learning Institute has saved my son from all his educational struggles in just a few short months.

"No words can describe the support and success we have experienced with our son's treatment program."

We experienced amazing results with increases of up to 60 points on standard tests in some areas and an average increase in IQ of 36 points.

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