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  1. The following statements describe auditory processing and language based concerns that some children may have. Please indicate the behaviors which are considered to be a concern to you.
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  5. Appears “fidgety” or “restless” across different situations.
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  6. Has troubles focusing or paying attention during tasks or play.
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  7. Is easily distracted by things going on around them.
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  8. Daydreams or appears to be “staring into space” when he/should be paying attention.
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  9. Difficulties in school both academically and with peer relationships.
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  10. Disturbs other children.
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  11. Difficulties finishing things and following through with instructions.
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  12. Gets caught up in the details and misses the “big picture.”
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  13. Becomes easily frustrated during efforts to complete projects.
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  14. Often blurts out or does not wait his/her turn to speak.
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We experienced amazing results with increases of up to 60 points on standard tests in some areas and an average increase in IQ of 36 points.

Their approach is easy and painless for the child, and works fast. It is my wish for all parents with children who need a little extra help to get THIS KIND OF HELP.

"No words can describe the support and success we have experienced with our son's treatment program."

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