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Auditory Processing and Language
  1. The following statements describe auditory processing and language based concerns that some children may have. Please indicate the behaviors which are considered to be a concern to you.
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  5. Has a history of hearing loss.
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  6. Has difficulties paying attention to spoken instructions.
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  7. Has difficulties following directions-often requires multiple repetitions of direction.
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  8. Has trouble expressing self and/or writing complete sentences.
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  9. Has trouble expressing and/or writing thoughts.
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  10. Has trouble expressing and/or writing using a variety of vocabulary words.
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  11. Has trouble expanding an answer or providing details when writing or speaking.
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  12. Demonstrates slow or delayed response time to verbal.
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  13. Has trouble with reading comprehension.
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  14. Often misinterprets or misunderstands what is said to him/her.
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