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Behavior and Social-Emotional
  1. The following statements describe auditory processing and language based concerns that some children may have. Please indicate the behaviors which are considered to be a concern to you.
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  5. Overreacts to small problems which are considered trivial.
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  6. Has explosive outbursts.
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  7. Makes careless errors.
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  8. Has frequent mood changes.
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  9. Angry or tearful outbursts are intense but end suddenly and are forgotten.
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  10. Is unaware of how his/her behavior impacts others.
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  11. Does not think about consequences before acting (ie. impulsive).
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  12. Interrupts people during conversations.
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  13. Reacts more strongly to situations than other same-aged children.
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  14. Has difficulties waiting his/her turn.
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His reading, concentration abilities, and confidence have all improved stunningly.

Their high level of competence in working with children and adults with various neurodevelopmental and neurological deficits is unparalleled.

We experienced amazing results with increases of up to 60 points on standard tests in some areas and an average increase in IQ of 36 points.

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