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NeuroDevelopmental Learning

Institute 3-Step Process

Evaluation Process

Finding Where You Are vs. Where You Need To Be

brainredsynapsis Assessments include EEG, qEEG, and fqEEG, along with standardized testing to measure cognitive abilities, learning abilities, auditory and visual processing, speech and language, motor planning, and developmental reflexes are an integrated part of our process. This is how we determine each individual's brain function when they enter our program. This is your map to help you achieve your goals. So ask yourself, "How do you know where you need to go, unless you know where you are?"


Treatment Method

Report of Findings - Your Personalized Map!

rofchart After the assessments have been completed and the health care professionals involved with your child's care have completed their reports, an integrated Report of Findings is generated. This report will list the results of the initial evaluations and where your child's abilities and brain function align within standardized norms and milestones. This report allows you to see the 'road map' to your child's brain and subsequent functioning abilities. Of even greater importance this report offers recommendations of how to overcome most of the deficiencies, disabilities, or developmental delays. It is during this appointment that each individual (parent, child, health care provider) will have an opportunity to discuss the results, ask questions, and have input into the resultant program.



Remediation Program - How to Get Where I Need to Go.

gamer After the Report of Findings a Remediation Program is designed for your child, which will be discussed with you. Each program is individualized for each child.

For some of our clients, only a few program elements will be indicated...for others, several elements from various disciplines will be recommended. The elements may include; speech & language, occupational therapy for fine motor, gross motor, or reflexes, auditory and/or visual processing therapy, cognitive retraining, social skills development, behavior intervention, or counseling therapies.


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Their approach is easy and painless for the child, and works fast. It is my wish for all parents with children who need a little extra help to get THIS KIND OF HELP.

"No words can describe the support and success we have experienced with our son's treatment program."

We experienced amazing results with increases of up to 60 points on standard tests in some areas and an average increase in IQ of 36 points.

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