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Educational Therapy (Academics)

NLI uses multiple techniques for helping students overcome learning challenges.

kidsraisinghands In addition to brain development, NLI specializes in Educational Therapy, which demystifies learning problems and stimulates student's awareness of their strengths so they can use those strengths to overcome areas of difficulties. Our therapist identify and develop a treatment plan the utilizes information from a variety of sources including the student's social, emotional, psychoeducational and neuropsychological background. For many students, underlying neurocognitive issues or delayed neurodevelopment may be part of their academic challenges.

We go beyond the academic profile and look deeper into the neurocognitive abilities through academic evaluations that look at:

• Cognitive Processing • Memory
• Auditory Processing • Personal Behavior
• Visual processing • Social Behavior
• Fine Motor Skills • Speech and Langua ge
• Gross Motor Skills • Emotional Behavior

We have 4 levels of programs available:

Making Strides (Developmental/Chronological age: Birth - Pre-K)

• Learning challenged
• 2-3 standard deviations below norm
• 1-2 grade levels behind
• Currently receiving special education services

Academic Nourishment (Pre-K and beyond)

• 1 standard deviation below norm
• Grade level but struggling
• At risk

Accelerated Learning (All Age Groups)

• 1-3 standard deviations above norm
• Gifted/Advanced studies
• College bound

College Prep (High School)

• Pre-college entrance
• Current college student
• Returning college student

Our educational therapists are skilled in:

• Formal and informal educational assessment
• Synthesis of information from other specialist and parents
• Development and implementation of appropriate remedial programs for school related learning and
behavioral problems
• Development and implementation of appropriate cognitive programs to help develop foundational skills
for successful learning
• Strategies for addressing social and emotional aspects of learning problems
• Formation of supportive relationships with the student and those involved in the student's educational
• Facilitation of communication between the student, the family, the school and other involved
• An educational therapist provides intervention and remediation for students with a wide range of
learning disabilities and learning differences

In addition, our Educational Therapist works with:

• yslexia/Reading Disorder • Aspergers Syndrome
• ADHD • Academic Difficulties
• Language Processing Disorder • Poor Organizational
• Auditory Processing Disorder • Study Skills
• Autism • Poor Motivation

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"No words can describe the support and success we have experienced with our son's treatment program."

Their approach is easy and painless for the child, and works fast. It is my wish for all parents with children who need a little extra help to get THIS KIND OF HELP.

NeuroDevelopmental Learning Institute was able to fill in the neurological delays my son was experiencing.

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