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Cognitive Abilities

buildingbricks Cognitive Abilities and Neurodevelopment Assessments provide a solid starting point or "road map" for positive change.

Only by determining where an individual's natural abilities currently are and comparing those abilities with where they should be (based on age) can we address their untapped potential.

These assessments consists of several nationally recognized tests covering multiple skill areas. We believe that by combining these comprehensive assessments and screenings, our Report of Findings offer a more detailed picture of each individual's strengths and weaknesses with regard to how the brain receives, processes, integrates and learns information. As added insurance that "no stone is left unturned" our team of expert professionals also examine the results of the tests so that you will feel confident that the report we offer is complete.

Our assessments look at each person's abilities and capabilities from a neuro-cognitive point of view. We look at multiple brain-based assessments that affect specific neuro-circuits. We consider the primary functions of the brain that influence our awareness, perceptions and expressions in life.

When these brain areas are fully functional, they allow each of us to perceive daily events in a healthy way and execute proper actions or reactions. If they are dysfunctional, then our perceptions can distort our experiences of life.

We measure these cognitive abilities in order to determine if the brain is, in fact, interpreting and processing data appropriately. These measures help highlight an individual's overall cognitive performance and learning differences. Through our extensive analysis process, we are able to achieve a more detailed picture of processing strengths and weaknesses and then create an individualized program based on the results of these measures.

Evidence-Based and FDA Approved Assessments

• qEEG Functional Brain Map
Attention/Executive Functions
• Tactility Processing
• Sensory Motor Functions
• Auditory Processing
• Visuospatial Processing
• Memory and Learning
• Language
• Mobility Expressions

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NeuroDevelopmental Learning Institute has saved my son from all his educational struggles in just a few short months.

Their high level of competence in working with children and adults with various neurodevelopmental and neurological deficits is unparalleled.

His reading, concentration abilities, and confidence have all improved stunningly.

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