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Speech and Language

toddlers4 Communication is a complex human behavior. It allows us to communicate our needs, wants, thoughts and feelings to others effectively and efficiently.

Developing communication skills is one of the most important keys to participation in our social world. Speech-language pathologists facilitate a child's capacity to understand and use language to express thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants in an effective manner.

Verbal, as well as non-verbal communication is emphasized, aiming at a range of skills from simple utterances and gestures to the complex exchanges of social language.

Our Brain-Based Speech/Language Programs Concentrate on:

• Oral motor and motor speech development
• Expressive and receptive language skills
• Pragmatic and social skills development
• Auditory and language processing skills

Tools We Use

FastForward: A proven program that improves memory skills, attention abilities, sequencing skills, and brain processing.

Lindamood: The Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing for Reading, Spelling, and Speech for auditory aspects of dyslexia.

Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language comprehension and Thinking for improving concept imagery, organization, and reading comprehension.

Our speech, language, and communication programs are designed for children as young as 18 months through adolescents and young adulthood with communication delays/disabilities and other neurodevelopmental delays such as Autism Spectrum, PDD, and significant Cognitive and Language Disabilities.

Our brain-based programs are designed to help those children who need to "get caught up" with neurodevelopment, language, and cognitive delays. We include neurodevelopment programs, when needed, to our speech, language and communication programs.

The speech-language pathologist's goal is to help children become successful communicators and independent language learners. This is achieved by tailoring programs specific to each child's needs in any or all of the following areas:

• Expressive language skills • Motor planning skills
• Language Processing • Disorders of voice
• Auditory Processing • Disorders of fluency
• Receptive language skills • Augmentative/alternative communication skills
• Speech production/ articulation skills • Understanding gestures and facial expressions
• Social skills /Pragmatics • Cognitive skills
• Feeding and swallowing

We assess over 200 areas of brain activity to compile a customized Report of Findings for Speech and Language deficits; such as word retrieval, language processing, auditory processing, memory for linguistic information, phonemic awareness, and motor planning - to name a few. In other words, we can measure speech and language abilities and compare those abilities to specific speech and language milestones and neurological markers that fall within the normal range of performance.

This approach is used to develop the most comprehensive therapies for developing and remediating expressive and receptive language skills, social and pragmatics skills, and articulation and phonological skills. Our specialists offer early oral motor skills and motor planning skills development. When appropriate, we offer intervention of oral and verbal apraxia and dysarthria. Our clinicians are also trained in all aspects of sensory-integration disorders, and work very closely with occupational therapists and behaviorists to develop the most effective programs for each child.

We are conveniently located in South Bay - Greater Los Angeles area of Southern California.

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NeuroDevelopmental Learning Institute was able to fill in the neurological delays my son was experiencing.

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