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Cognitive Abilities - IQ - Academics


Based on 130 client study
Standard Scores: 100 is the average mean score and is the minimum baseline for average*
*standardized scoring as used in U.S. School Placement Testing

IQ: The natural intelligence of the brain is measured through IQ. NLI is able to increase this ability by an average of 15.9 point, which allows the child to reach his or her full natural brain potential.

Thinking Efficiency: An overall measure of different thinking processes that are used when information, in short-term memory, cannot be processed automatically. The ability for a person to apply a thinking process as efficiently as possible. In other words, how quickly an individual can resolve a problem or think of an answer.

Cognitive Efficiency: An index of the person's brain ability to process information automatically. This measures how efficient the cortex processes information automatically. For instance, how quickly can an individual do routine tasks that have been done numerous times.

Concept Reasoning: Measures categorical reasoning abilities and flexibility in thinking. In other words, how well the individual can see similarities in concepts.

Brain Processing Speed: Measures an aspect of cognitive efficiency and the speed at which one can discriminate. In other words, how quickly and appropriately the brain will process information being received, integrated and expressed.

Skills Pre-Program Post-Program
IQ 100 115.9
Thinking 104 117
Cognitive 95 113
Cognitive 95 110
Brain Processing 93 109

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Their high level of competence in working with children and adults with various neurodevelopmental and neurological deficits is unparalleled.

NeuroDevelopmental Learning Institute has saved my son from all his educational struggles in just a few short months.

His reading, concentration abilities, and confidence have all improved stunningly.

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