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8-week Learning Disability Trial

Data from a 8-week, randomized, wait list-controlled trial (N=100) in outpatients with acute learning disorders. Patients entered in to the NLI Brain Lab 3x/week for brain retraining and academic support training. The program demonstrated efficacy in the study trials.

Acute Academic: demonstrated efficacy in positive and negative symptoms as early as 4 weeks.


* Standardized testing

Math: Ability to work with numbers, addition, multiplication, subtraction, division.

Writing: Ability to form letters and understand relationship between letters and words.

Reading: Ability to read, understand, and comprehend written words, paragraph, and stories.

Speech: Ability to receive and express verbal communication with proficiency.

Skills Pre-Program Post-Program
Math 89 112
Writing 85 109
Reading 87 122
Speech 82 124

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Their high level of competence in working with children and adults with various neurodevelopmental and neurological deficits is unparalleled.

NeuroDevelopmental Learning Institute has saved my son from all his educational struggles in just a few short months.

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