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The Treatment Method

Treating The Root Cause
Not the Symptoms

Our comprehensive assessment procedures allow our experts to see what is happening inside your child's brain and then create measurable, functional and scientific solutions which will help re-train your child's brain by strengthening and developing new synaptic connections for optimal brain functioning.

These measurements are then summarized in an individualized treatment plan which identifies specific areas of intervention starting with the core neurological systems.

The Treatment Method

The Comprehensive Assessment/Brain Map results dictate the design of each treatment program. This allows for highly individualized and personalized treatments which address each individual's strengths and challenges. We utilize the latest brain-based technologies to re-train and strengthen your child's brain using activities that target the specific affected brain areas. These brain exercises have been adapted into various modalities such as EEG based games, computer based neurodevelopmental activities, ipad based activities, physical activities, language and auditory based activities, and behavioral based activities.

During the treatment process, brain activity is constantly monitored to provide our team with real time data on brain performance and progress being made every step of the way.

Neurocognitive Function




Skill Sets Development

The treatment program addresses a unique 5-prong approach

to optimal brain development:

Our treatment programs are highly effective for children as young as 2 years old up to 21 years old with issues that include:

• Learning Disabilities • Behavior and Emotional Based Issues
• Spectrum Based Disorders (ie Autism) • Academic Issues
• ADD/ADHD • Impulsivity
• Speech and Language Delays • Anxiety/Depression
• Sensory Based Disorders • Dyslexia
• Auditory Processing Delays • Writing Disorders
• Memory Based Issues • Concussion/Head Injury
• Processing Issues • Other Organic Brain Injuries

The Treatment Method

Each client is monitored closely as they progress through their treatment. The real-time feedback systems used during our treatment programs allow our specialists to monitor performance and determine when treatment modifications need to be made.

This bottom up process allows for the strengthening and development of the foundations of all neurological and neurodevelopmental functions such as regulation, executive functioning, attention, processing and memory.

Most treatment programs are delivered in phases. Each phase can last anywhere from 24-48 weeks depending on the consistency of attendance to each treatment session. A re-map and all comprehensive neurological testing is performed again at the end of each phase. The length of you or your child's treatment will depend upon a variety of factors which are discussed during your initial report of findings meeting. Throughout your treatment program, you will meet regularly with our treatment coordinator as well as other specialists on the team, to discuss progress, barriers, and any changes to the treatment program.

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"No words can describe the support and success we have experienced with our son's treatment program."

NeuroDevelopmental Learning Institute was able to fill in the neurological delays my son was experiencing.

His reading, concentration abilities, and confidence have all improved stunningly.

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